Oh, no! Another blog from Steve. One of the people from my church has dubbed me the Mad Blogger. (They also say I am an endangered species.) Yes, I write or share in the writing of several blogs on WordPress.Com and Blogger. I don’t sleep a lot. I am up at odd hours and I love to write.
My chief blogs are LIFE MATTERS which is my general conversation with the culture; THE OUTWARD-FOCUSED CHURCH which is tied to my professional passion, BEING THE BEST CHURCH FOR THE COMMUNITY which is my in-house blog for the Church of God of Landisville which has now evolved into a blog about the church program, mission, and ministry. and THRIVING IN CHRIST which is a devotional blog.
STEVE’S DIGITAL DESK is intended to be an ongoing dialogue from a Christian pastor to his church, family and friends around the world – to share his heart, to lift up significant things from his life that he believes will benefit others. and to specifically encourage and inform those publics with what’s going on between my ears that I hope reflects the mind of Christ.
Think of it as a form of FACEBOOK without the drivel. (My thanks to a new friend, Harry Jarrett, from Neffsville Mennonite, whose title (and idea of sorts) I stole from.
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