Steve Jobs died last week from pancreatic cancer. A man of incredible vision and creativity, Jobs clearly revolutionized the world with his inventions and innovations. One of my favorite Steve Jobs’ quotes was: “Don’t let the noise of other people’s opinions drown out your inner voice.”

One of the kids in our student ministry, a young man whose life has obviously been impacted by Jobs’ technological news, Face-Booked: “Worst news of the week, Steve Jobs was a Buddhist.”

I am always intrigued by Christians who believe that the only truly useful people to humankind must be Christian.  Somehow usefulness or its big brother, creative genius are a measure of a religion’s superiority.

Our relationship with Jesus Christ (note, I did not say “religion”) is about our eternal destiny. One its first fruits is the abundant life (John 1o:10) or “life to the full.” Usefulness is one of the outcomes of living life for God to the full.

Christians don’t have the market cornered on usefulness.

The most useful non-Christian would benefit humanity more if they were pointing people to their eternal significance and destiny in Christ.

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