Kelsey is a young lady who is part of our BURN congregation at the Church of God of Landisville. She was a part of our team that went to Tsaile this summer to provide VBS for our Navajo sister congregation.  Tonight she shared this prayer with many of us that grew from a personal struggle she was having, a struggle that brought her to the church campus to pray.  I hope this prayer will be a blessing to you.  It was an incredible one to me. – STEVE

My God, you answer my questions
Lord, you build me up
You help me find strength in my weakness
To you I am better than good enough.

Faith gets me through these sturggles.
My sins, I know can be forgiven
My heart is open and fully loving,
This amazing life I have been given.

Jesus, you died so that I may live
For all you’ve done I’ll always believe.
You answer my payers, are always there
I know you’ll never leave.

With Christ, my life will only improve
So I’ll follow with pride and be true.
I can say this now with all my heart
I will live to serve and love you.

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