I pray your church or ministry gives spontaneously to meet needs. But if we only give spontaneously, this style of giving will limit what we’re able to give.

Another way to think about giving is to be strategic.

  • Abraham thought ahead of time to send gifts with his servant for Isaac’s future wife (Genesis 24).
  • The Magi planned ahead of time to bring extravagant gifts for God’s son (Matthew 2).
  • God strategically showed his love for us by sending Christ while we were still sinning against him (Romans 5).
  • Isaiah 32:8 (NLT) says, “But generous people plan to do what is generous, and they stand firm in their generosity.”

We could say generous churches plan to do what is generous.

Instead of just planning our next building project or fundraiser, we should also “plan to do what is generous.”

Unquestionably we should plan to help the poor and needy. We can also plan to help and support other churches or ministries. In our meetings, we have learned to strategically ask, “What can we give to other churches to help them?”

  • Do you have a building you could offer another ministry one day a week or more?
  • When you upgrade choir robes, a van, or a sound system, can you give what you had to bless another ministry?
  • Can you make your sermons, outlines, or videos available to serve other churches?

When you plan to be generous, you might be surprised how many ways you can be a blessing.

How is God using your ministry to serve others?

Adapted from’s blog, Swerve.

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