Quite often pastors and church leaders find themselves criticized. But far too many also meltdown when receiving criticism. Charles Stone, with tongue in cheek, tells us to handle criticism not.


If you are a pastor or lead people in any way, criticism is a fact of life. We can learn from our critics or we can turn criticism into carnage.

Here are five ways to do that.

Cut yourself off from everybody who criticizes you. Stay far, far away from them. They are idiots so avoid them at all costs
Believe every criticism. It’s all true, every juicy morsel of it. Believe every word of it. Make it personal. Think about it all the time.
Disregard every criticism. Since your critics are idiots, what comes out of their mouth is infused with globs of “idiotness.” You are a pastor, God’s anointed, a ‘called out one’ who walks with God and talks with God and knows a lot about the bible and stuff.
When someone criticizes you, argue them down, theologize, quote the bible, use lofty logic. Make THEM realize they are idiots.
Demand that your leaders, staff, and boards tell you only what you want to hear. If they have a criticism, tell then to STUFF IT.

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