This is great counsel.  I wonder how many times in my 40 years of ministry I have said one of these seven – or people thought I was saying in my inadequate communication. – STEVE

7 Things Pastors Should Never Say
Here are seven phrases that every pastor should avoid in their everyday ministry.

In full disclosure, many of these things were learned the hard way because I said many of these things. So with that apology out in the open, here’s the list:

1. We’re not here to reach churched people.

Yes, Jesus said he came to Earth to seek and save the lost. But that was not the ONLY thing he did. He also spent significant time teaching a small group of followers who He said would go on to do greater things. I understand the heart behind reaching the lost, and I understand tailoring certain environments to accomplish that. But in your zeal to reach the lost, don’t discount the comprehensive mission of the church – to go into all the world and make disciples.

Say, “We care about reaching the lost,” but don’t say you don’t care about church for Christians.

Read the remaining six …

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