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Church myths:

1. That everyone else has got it together.

Yes, some do. But most don’t – they’re just good at wrapping. And instead of judging you, chances are they’re worried that you are judging them.

2. That we need to keep hold of Jesus – especially in the hard times.

Yes, we need to prioritise and nurture our faith. But there are times when it’s all you can do to lift your head. And more important than the fact of us hanging on to Him, is the fact that He holds onto us. He’s got us, even when we let go.

3. That workaholism looks glorious under a gospel banner.

It doesn’t. Yes, we want to give Jesus our all: but not at the expense of our families, health and sanity. Rest after all, is biblical. Even for the super-Christian. And here’s the thing – Christendom does not need you. It needs Christ.

4. The stronger the better.

No, weakness is strength. Leadership involves admission of brokenness and frailty – yes, even for guys. It’s okay to need help. Or to not have the answers: after all, that makes you human. And church doesn’t need one person to do its pastoral work or its preaching or its evangelism: it needs a body, empowered by the Lord.

5. That Saturday night is the ideal time to start your Sunday school prep.

Guaranteed, this will be the one lesson where you have to take the under 2s through Ezekiel, and build a tabernacle with 29 toilet rolls.

6. That people are wildebeasts.

They mean you No Harm. Yes, they look scary in large numbers: but when you talk to them they’re mostly lovely and interesting. Even the really scarily cool ones.

7. That you make no difference.

Rubbish. You – yes, YOU – are a gift to others. When you hide yourself away, you’re robbing the community of an indispensable part. That’s not me being nice, (regular readers will support me on this), it’s a Fact. Doesn’t matter if you feel it or not. There is something unique and precious that you bring to the party and no-one else can. So come.

8. That the greatest spiritual gift for women is traybaking.

Cowpoop. That’s why there’s Marks + Spencer.

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