My alma mater, Winebrenner Theological Seminary in Findlay OH is sponsoring an extraordinary event for church planters and persons interested in revitalizing congregations as missional communities. Called THE LAUNCH CONFERENCE, it is being held May 18-19, 2012. It begins mid-afternoon Friday and concludes supper time Saturday. Cost is $125 but they are offering a $25 discount this week.To learn more about the conference and register go to Winebrenner.Use the promo code 25OFF during checkout to receive $25 off the registration price!

Reggie McNeal

What is the Launch Conference All About?

The planting conversation today is generally one-sided. We read books and the author speaks to us, we watch webinars and see them teach, we go to conferences and hear them share, but what about our questions? How does what they say work in our context?
LAUNCH’’s goal is to break down those walls that cause the discussion to be one-sided. LAUNCH and the speakers are committed to providing you with time for questions in a smaller context. We want to offer opportunities to continue the dialogue outside the conference sessions and even past the conference itself, so that planters and pastors are strengthened in the mission that God has called them to.

What if you had the opportunity to spend time with the conference speakers you thought could help you the most? We want to provide those opportunities for you. Our goal is to not be just a conference, but an environment of mentoring, teaching, conversation, and growing from some of the greatest minds in the planting world.

Alan Hirsch


Alan Hirsch
Reggie McNeal (via video)
Vince Antonucci
Linda Bergquist
Glenn Smith
Henry Reyenga
Jonathan McIntosh
and many more!

Click here to read more about our presenters!

Linda Berquist


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