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What Jesus Would Have Fixed On Star Trek
Posted on June 27, 2012 by Michael K. Reynolds

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You always knew they were about to die.

That is if they were a character wearing a red shirt on the hit 1960’s television series, Star Trek. Whenever those red shirt clad, lower tier actors would appear on the program, you knew there would soon be a planetary explosion, a molten lava spill, a transporter malfunction, a gravity vacuum or an attack by some deep cavern monster.

It’s because the show’s writers knew they couldn’t kill the stars or it would sink the ratings. The swashbuckling, womanizing Captain James T. Kirk was always safe. So too was the green blooded Commander Lieutenant Spock as were a host of other stars on the show.

But if you were handed a red shirt at dress rehearsal during filming, it was a clear sign you were about to become intergalactic dust.

The red shirts. They were expendable. Expendable people.

Don’t we deal with shirt colors every days in our lives?

We have the stars: our family, our friends, those who have similar lifestyles and philosophies. And then there are a whole bunch of red shirts. Expendable people.

Nameless. Faceless. Insignificant. Somebody else’s concern. We label them, put a red shirt on them and we withhold from them our attention, compassion and concern.

This, despite the fact, that in God’s eyes, there are no red shirts. No expendable people.

Christian maturity means being able to see people through the eyes of Jesus. All of them. Left-leaners. Right-leaners. Even never-make-up-their-mind in-betweeners. All shapes. All colors. All ages.

Even when we are busy, distracted and have much more important things to do.

It can be as simple as investing a smile in someone. Asking them “How are you?” and really meaning it. Or it could be obeying God’s voice whispering, “I want you to bless this person.”

Who in your life have you assigned a red shirt? Is it time to put on your Jesus glasses?

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